Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Does investing in commercial real estate pique your interest? Then you clicked on the right article, for we are about to demystify the entire sector regarding its investment value. Investing in commercial real estate can take the form of either funds or property. In the case of funds, you will fund the construction project, and in the case of property, you can partner with someone to build a commercial development on your land. The company that executes the construction project will make money from the construction activities, while your returns will be earned from renting or selling the completed unit.

Tips on Investing in Commercial Real Estate Property

When considering commercial real estate as an investment, several tips can prove useful to a successful investment decision.

1. Create an Investment Plan.
The best way to get into commercial real estate investing is to start the process with a detailed investment plan. The plan will guide you on the commercial real estate projects you can take into serious consideration. The plan should include the growth and returns that make financial sense to you. Ensure that you stick to this plan and also keep updating it with new information.

2. Start Budgeting
Once your investment plan is ready, you can start creating a budget for your proposed commercial real estate project. Ensure that the project does not introduce an imbalance between your income and expenditure. With the budget in place, you can figure the exact uses of your funds and make plans for larger expenses if the opportunity presents itself.

3. Understand The Risks You Can Bear
The basics of commercial real estate investing dictate that your risk profile determines your strategy. Take some time to figure out the risk levels you are willing and able to take. This informs the strategy and protects you from extensive risk levels that may create turmoil in your investment portfolio.

4. Be sure about your Goals
Cases in commercial real estate investing differ from each other. Your investment goals are different from other investors' goals, so be diligent and ensure your objectives are realistic and have reasonable deadlines. This will ensure proper planning based on achievable milestones.

5. Get Preapproved
If you intend to apply for a mortgage to finance the commercial real estate project, get in contact with the mortgage broker or lender and set the ball rolling. Once you are preapproved, you can confidently proceed with your investment journey without concerns about raising the project's funding.

6. Find out about the latest trends
As a commercial real estate investor, you need to keep in touch with the latest news and industry trends. No one has the one true formula for investing in the industry. Keeping in touch with the latest trends will equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions and choices. The Fortress Home website has a dedicated blog with articles on everything you may want to know about the commercial real estate sector.

7. Keep meticulous records of your finances
It is important that you track your income and expenses to figure out your liquidity levels. Once you have done that, you will have a clear picture of how much money you have available to invest in commercial real estate. Remember the tip above about getting preapproved for a loan. That will cover the deficit between your available funds and the total amount needed to complete a project successfully.

8. Maintain focus and patience
Finally, one key thing you need to always remember about the commercial real estate industry is that it requires plenty of focus and patience. Projects will take time, and some investors may get frustrated due to their expectations not being met. When you have clear and achievable objectives, it is easy to maintain your rationality since you have a clear picture of the entire process.

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Stages of cooperation

  • Evaluation
    When an investor approaches us to handle their construction project, the first step in the evaluation process assesses the neighborhood to determine the most suitable property for that location. We objectively determine if the area is suitable for commercial real estate development and then advise you on critical choices such as application for zoning variances and other steps you may need to take
  • Budgeting
    Based on our property assessment, we will offer a detailed budget that breaks down the construction costs with critical elements such as price per square foot in the area and the property's exclusivity in maximizing the dollar amount per square foot. We will also include estimates for features such as floorplans, finishes, and design.
  • Financing and Start of Construction
    Once you are equipped with the budget, you can secure financing for the project and give us the green light to formally start the construction process. We will start by demolishing any existing structure and start laying the foundation. Here, we focus on a solid foundation that is guaranteed to last for many years.

Fortresshome is certified contractor in Chicago.

We do not compromise on the quality of the materials, and we rely on the exceptional qualifications and experiences of all our employees.

  • Since we handle every aspect of the construction process, we fabricate and install steel structures and match them with either full masonry or wood frame structures per the architectural drawings. We ensure that our buildings have proper reinforcement systems to strengthen the structure. Additionally, we use waterproof material to ensure dry buildings in any season.
  • Compliance and Cooperation
    Energy efficiency is important to us, and we ensure this through integrated advanced insulation technologies. It will prove to be a selling point to your commercial tenants who wish to minimize their utility costs. In the same spirit, we use LED lights due to their top ranking in eco-friendliness and efficiency.
    All our installations are done in strict adherence to the building codes, and we say this with pride: we always pass the safety checks at the first attempt!
    You will get to enjoy the honor of selecting the desired floor finishes ranging from hardwood, bamboo, or engineered flooring with different board sizes. Our experts will advise you on suitable finishes for the intended use of the property. You will also select other finishes to ensure that the property is developed with your vision in mind.
  • Handing Over
    Once construction and inspection are complete, the property is ready to be handed over. You will get to take possession of the property and start your journey towards prosperity either through regular passive income from renting or a more immediate return on your investment from selling.

Commercial vs. Residential Real Estate Investing

Both sectors have the potential to earn you passive income while building wealth, but there are some differences that you may want to consider. There are benefits of investing in commercial real estate that you may not see in residential real estate.

  • Economies of scale
    Commercial real estate properties tend to be larger in size when compared to residential real estate developments. With the size of the transactions for commercial real estate, you can manage to partner with or hire experts in property management aspects. This will ensure that your investment is managed well enough to realize the high return on investment.
  • The nature of the tenants
    In residential real estate, families can always move out and downsize if they can no longer afford the rent. Commercial real estate has the same issue but with a much lower frequency. Businesses become synonymous with their physical location, and when the location is in a prime area, they would not want to move for fear of losing clients. This ensures that your commercial properties are almost always fully occupied.
  • Nature of the leases
    The norm in real estate is that leases for commercial real estate properties require commitments of between three to five years. For residential real estate, the standard practice is one year. Once a tenant vacates, it can take some time before the unit is occupied again, and therefore, longer leases offer the investor a sense of comfort and guaranteed income.
  • Legal protections
    Consideration of housing as a human right means that tenants of residential real estate enjoy certain legal protections from their landlords. However, you will not face the same legal hurdles when it comes to commercial real estate.

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How to Generate Passive Income with Commercial Real Estate?

The process of passive income generation with commercial real estate starts with the investment step. You can either choose to allocate your land for commercial development or finance a real estate project.

The idea of passive income is that you do not need to be actively involved in the process for your investment to bear fruit. You will find suitable partners to make sure your investment is utilized efficiently with clear objectives regarding the return on the investment

At Fortress Home, we handle the complete construction process. We partner with investors seeking to guarantee their passive income.
Once we have started our partnership, you can rest easy knowing that your investment is being turned into a valuable property that can start earning you returns.

Once the construction is complete, you can seek the services of a qualified, competent, and trustworthy property managing firm. The firm will handle the hassle of getting tenants for the development, and you can start earning once occupied.

If you wish to sell the property at any point, the property agents can help you get the development listed and find the right buyer at your asking price. From start to finish, your role will only be oversight, and you can be sure that your passive income will be regular and consistent.

About company

Fortress Home is unique in its approach because we are self-sufficient at each stage. Our internal team handles every aspect of the construction process to ensure consistency and maintenance of the high standards we impose on ourselves. Trust us to meet the deadlines agreed upon with our partners during the planning process. Our experts are well versed with the quality standards and regulatory requirements, so they take the necessary steps to ensure we meet them.

With Fortress Home, the value for money is clear because we strive to ensure our prices are affordable. We offer free estimates for investors thinking about partnering with us to handle their projects' construction process. Enjoy the professional approach and depth of experience of our staff members in all departments. Our hiring process is extensive, and it includes background checks and drug tests to ensure we hire professionals that will maintain focus on their assigned duties. We are certified by the relevant bodies, licensed by local regulatory bodies, and have insurance to ensure your investment is protected.

USP of the company

Fortress Home is family driven business with a general contractor license. Most construction companies choose to hire contractors to handle different parts of the construction process. We handle the preconstruction stage and then lay the bricks, handle the metalwork, fixtures, and the middle preparatory work. Once everything is done, we handle the finishes and prepare for the investor's handover.

You can find out more about our construction process here.

Partnering with Fortress Home means resting easy with the knowledge that a diverse team of construction experts will be handling the project. The team members have years of experience working with each other with a healthy portfolio of completed projects to show for it.

We are a reliable general contractor staffed with experts of exceptional caliber. We have a high commitment to business ethics because we believe in treating our activities and partnerships with the utmost diligence and honesty. The quality of our work is outstanding, and it is evident in all our projects. When thinking about investing in commercial real estate, make sure Fortress Home is high up on the list of the calls you will make. You will not be disappointed!

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Fortress Home combines the roles of a general contractor, a construction partner, and a construction manager. Our talented workforce helps us professionally manage all aspects of on-site construction.

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