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Construction Company Near Me in Chicago: Choose Fortress Home

Every masonry project — be that a house remodeling or grand commercial building construction requires a professional company that will take care of each step of the process. The choice is yours: to hire a mason that specializes in the particular scope of work (for example, brick construction) or a general contractor that will know the peculiarities of building from stone, concrete, and brick, and will also offer project management services.

Fortress Home is a construction company that has been serving clients in the Chicago IL area for over 20 years. We offer quality work in all sectors of the industry: brick, stone, block, concrete construction, general contracting, home remodeling, etc. We are proud to have participated in shaping the Chicago landscape, enriching it with both the residential and the commercial buildings.

Our core values are to serve our customers as if they were the members of our family. We are a family-run business and a personal approach to every project is very important for every member of our team. We offer competitive pricing and quality work. Give us a call today at 773 770-8607 and our specialists will answer all your questions about your upcoming project.

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How to choose the best construction company near me in the Chicago IL area?

Work only with licensed companies. For both residential and commercial projects it is important to choose licensed contractors with extensive experience in the local building market. These two parameters will guarantee you legal, state-approved, quality work that is secured by the deep knowledge of the Chicago area of your building construction company.

Go local. The best suppliers, materials, and subcontractors — this is what is important in a construction project of any scale. Besides that, the local residential construction company will know the landscape, the seasonal factors, the quality of the soil, the locations of the underground streams, possible landslides, etc. And don't forget the zoning codes and other location specifics. By hiring the local construction companies or general contractors, the chances of their expertise in these areas rise significantly.

Choose experience. While choosing the construction company in Chicago, give preference to the experience, the professional approach to every detail, and the pleasant communication every step of the way (project managers have to patiently answer even the silliest questions during the phone calls!).

Study the portfolio. Before going for a particular new home construction company, carefully study its portfolio. Does the overall style match your ideas? Do you feel like bringing to life similar buildings as these guys specialize in?

Talk to construction company's clients and find out if you can actually visit some of them and talk to the current owners. This always is one of the best ways to find out the real quality of the jobs completed. The questions to ask: "Did the contractor finish work in time?", "Was the contractor's team-friendly, professional and responsive?", "How long does the whole process take from the very beginning to the very end?", "Did the final budget match the initially agreed sum?".

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What is a general construction company?

General contractors are builders that have a team of professional project managers. They supervise and assist the construction process from A to Z for both — building new homes or property renovations. The goal of general contractors — is to be able to timely complete tasks of any difficulty, and as required by the customers. That's why they are often called a "construction management company".

The general construction company will also offer you the service of designing your building and getting all of the necessary permits and inspections. The general contractor in Chicago will manage the construction process but might employ subcontractors for such jobs as electrical and plumbing work.

Construction company near me in Chicago IL: the range of services

New residential construction

  • Professional new house construction
  • General contracting: from planning to execution
  • Residential construction project management
  • In-house or invited architects and designers: the creation of the unique floor plans
  • Housing from different materials — brick, stone, concrete
  • Plumbing, air-conditioning and heating systems, electric systems
  • Outdoor structures
  • Fencing, walling
  • Driveways, sidewalks

Residential restoration services

  • House remodel: walls, roof, ceiling, floor, foundation repair
  • Home additions (kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom)
  • Outdoor structures repair and restoration
  • Demolition of the old structures
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Chicago home remodeling and renovation on budget

Remodeling and reconstruction are very important services in any residential construction company's work. Here at Fortress Home, we offer you a comprehensive range of services in the area of custom home improvement. We offer unique solutions at reasonable prices and work in a timely manner, fully committed to your needs.

Our goal is to perform the overall home improvement, giving you 100% satisfaction with the result. Give us a call at 773 770-8607 and discuss your renovation project with one of Fortress Home's professionals.

Can a construction company near me help with the financing?

Most of the contractors in the Chicago location will offer you a scope of extra services that are proven to serve their clients well. Among the most popular options — are assistance with home financing and insurance. Here at Fortress Home, we offer these services on request. Throughout the years of work, we have established trustful relationships with a few respectful financing institutions in Chicago, as well as with the insurance companies.

Let us know your request and our employees will do their best to fulfill your expectations! We offer these services both for families and businesses. Feel free to contact us at 773 770-8607 with any extra requests on your upcoming projects~!

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From masons as they were over a century ago to a modern construction company: the brief history of the Chicago IL masonry industry

The American history of the masonry construction has its roots here, in Chicago. It all began with The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 — a devastating event that destroyed the old city built of wood. The urgent need to rebuild the Chicago area after the fire demanded modern construction methods, and the usage of strong, durable materials that can withhold the elements.

The so-called "Chicago commons" — bricks made of clay from the Chicago river were a perfect solution. Later on, the facades built of these rough bricks resembling nothing but themselves would become a trademark of the most valued Chicago buildings. The craft of building from stone and concrete has also become mastered by the Chicago builders.

So, today we can easily say that each construction company on the Chicago market has the best examples of nearly a century of the tradition. Local contractors are considered one of the best in the country — and if you choose the one that has an extensive experience in the market, you can be sure that you will get quality work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the best construction company near me in Chicago IL? When choosing a new home construction company, we always recommend following a few simple steps:

  • Go local. Choose a house construction company with an extensive experience in the Chicago IL area. You need your contractor to know the best suppliers, materials, subcontractors, legal regulations, etc.
  • Focus on the experience. You want a contractor/a general contractor/a construction management company to really know what they're doing. We recommend at least 5 years of experience in the Chicago construction business.
  • Feel the impression from communication. The way the construction company's employees answer your stupid questions/show readiness to fulfill requests — are the ways they will approach the building process too.
  • Explore the portfolio. As a future client, you want to have a similar vision with your Chicago construction company... And to know that they really have e successfully completed multiple commercial/residential projects!
  • Compare the prices. A reliable building construction company will offer you a budget that would not only be relevant to the scope of work but also the overall market prices (another bonus of "going local").

Chicagoans are truly spoiled with the choice of home construction companies! Google "Construction company near me" and make your initial research. Go for the best rating, verified customer reviews, long experience in the market, and a good portfolio. Call us at Fortress Home at 773 770-8607 if you have any questions or need advice on your upcoming residential construction project!


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