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The Best Home Builders Near Me in Chicago: Work with Fortress Home

A dream of a perfect house can come true if you choose a reliable home construction company. It can be either custom home builders or a company that works with the modular, or the prefab houses in the Chicago city. The scope of the new construction process will totally depend on your vision, your preference of style, and, of course, your budget.

Custom homes are more expensive than prefab single-family homes, the luxury custom homes can span thousands of square feet of design space, unique and unlike others, and the trendy tiny new homes require little space and cash, but can be super cozy and comfortable.

No matter what house construction project you have in mind, here at Fortress Home we are ready to make your dream home come true. We are home builders with over two decades of experience in the Chicago IL market. Our company built hundreds of different homes during this time, giving so many families a chance to experience a real feel of a home.

We offer competitive prices, the best materials on the market, the inspiring design process from our licensed architects, work in a timely manner, and smooth communication. Give us a call today at 773 770-8607 and discuss your upcoming project with our team!

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New home builders near me: how to choose

Services to expect

Depending on the area of expertise of a home builder, he will offer a slightly different range of services than his competitors. For example, a custom home builder will specialize in the construction of houses with unique designs — impressive square footage, large rooms, big windows with loads of natural light, exclusive furnishings, and materials. At the same time, one custom home builder will tend to prefer construction in a particular housing style, while the other will be a true pro in working with a particular material. The choice is yours!

Choice of materials and techniques

As we mentioned earlier, the home builders in Chicago city differ not only in home design and style but also in the materials and techniques that they work with. If you're looking for the "Affordable home builders near me" in the Chicago area, most likely they will offer to build from concrete or concrete blocks. If you're going for the luxury home builders, you are most likely ready to spend cash on a house made of natural wood or stone. If you like to save cash and are choosing among the tiny home builders, you can choose pretty much any material, as you're going for moderate square footage.

Custom homes on your lot!
If you currently own a lot, or need help finding one, Fortress Home is excited to offer comprehensive on-your-lot home building services. We have many ideal floor plans for building on your lot, don't worry - we can modify our standard plans or develop a fully custom plan just for you.
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Custom home vs standard design home vs prefab home in Chicago IL

Chicago home builders are the companies that specialize in building custom homes, standard design homes, or pre-built (aka "modular", or "prefab") houses. The difference between them is in their design — and the assembling specifics.

Custom homes

Custom homes have unique floor plans and are often built with the use of rare and expensive materials (for example, natural stone, or natural wood). Obviously, this is the most expensive option on the market, and custom builders in Chicago city must be true experts in what they do. Prices for custom homes range between $100 t0 $400 per square foot. And traditionally, luxury houses are considered to have a starting price tag of $1 million.

Custom homes can bring dreams of exclusive living to the next level: check out the winning projects of the American Living Award, or the luxury homes that you see on the pages or covers of the "Architectural Digest", "Interior Design", "Wallpaper", "Elle Decor", "Luxe Magazine", "Chicago Tribune" and other popular magazines.

Fortress Home is among the most experienced custom home builders in Chicago IL. Our firm focuses on providing new construction services of the highest quality — both in downtown Chicago and in the suburban areas of the city. If you want a finished product that will be featured in one of the magazines listed above, give us a call at 773 770-8607 and get your estimate today!

Our Building
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Phase 1: Initial Consultation
Phase 2: Finding The Location Or Lot You Already Own
Phase 3: Designing Your Home
Phase 4: Obtaining Permits
Phase 5: Building Your Home

Standard home designs

Standard home designs take their roots in the floor plan "libraries" and are characterized by the standard layout of the living spaces. There's absolutely nothing bad in building a property like that: standard home design can be pretty impressive! Besides that, you can always add a few details (such as luxe interiors) and enhance your personal touch. Often these types of homes are a part of secure and beautiful gated communities that can be prestigious and sought-after. Or reasonably priced, and conveniently located in the city!

The price tag that you're looking for when getting yourself a new house of a standard design ranges between $60-$120 per square foot, depending on the location, the property class, etc.

Prefabricated houses

Prefabricated homes are the most affordable and fast option to get yourself a comfortable residence. All components of the prefab houses are produced off-site and then assembled on-site. This is a very convenient, hassle-free, time-saving option, becoming more and more popular nowadays.

"Modular" is not necessarily a synonym for "cheap" new construction homes. The design of a prefab home can be truly impressive! And, by choosing this type of housing, the future owners can get their single-family homes as fast as in 3-4 months!

But when going for a prefab home, it is very important finding the right home builders that specialize in the modular homes in the Chicago area. This kind of home construction has many specifics. The choice of materials and the quality of assembling are of stellar importance. Modular construction home has to have structural integrity, be durable, weather and fire-resistant, just as any custom home.

The price tag in Chicago IL? Anywhere between $150-$220 per square foot, depending on the project.

Stuck on Whether to Renovate or Demolish and Start Over?
We can help you tear down an existing home and build a brand new one in its place. Our work inherits traditional craftsmanship while incorporating modern building techniques.
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The construction experience: from A to Z

A new house demands a lot of work — be that a tiny home or a multigenerational grande residence. And the actual construction is just a part of it.

  • New construction begins with the choice of land. In the Chicagoland area, the density of the plots is quite high, as well as the land prices
  • After the plot of land has been found, it becomes a building site. It needs to undergo a thorough preparation for the new construction. It might require an existing home demolition, leveling, etc.
  • Simultaneously, your "Home builders near me in Chicago" are getting all the necessary building and zoning permits, managing the inspections, etc.
  • Your "New home builders near me" are purchasing the materials and hiring the subcontractors. The materials are delivered to the construction site.
  • The construction begins. The home builder begins with laying the foundation, giving it time to set, following with the walling, roofing, windows and door installations, and any additional works that a custom home can demand.
  • Electrical installation, HVAC systems, smart-home system installation. After the modular or a custom home is finished, your local home builders (or custom builders) install all the necessary systems that can also significantly save your bills. Choose them wisely! Go to the Lacking inspiration? You can always visit the American Living Award official site for new ideas for your Chicago IL home!
  • Finishing touches. Experienced home builders in Chicago will offer you multiple choices of finishing touches to enhance your home design and make the space truly correspond to your family's needs. It is the crucial step for all new homes — no matter if it's a large family residence or one of Chicago city's tiniest houses.
  • Furnishing and decorative touches. The most beloved step by all women. At this point, the construction is over, you got the keys to your home and can move in. If your new home builders in Chicago were chosen wisely, you might even have some cash left and let your spouse go wild on sofas, vases, and textiles.

New construction with energy-efficient home floor plans

The energy efficiency of new construction homes is becoming a question number one for all future homeowners. No matter if you're looking for "Custom home builders near me", "Best home builders near me", or "Affordable home builders near me" — you have to remember that choosing the right materials and technology will help you significantly reduce bills in the future.

Fortress Home offers affordable and high-quality home designs with a focus on energy-efficient houses built of high-quality materials. We dedicated 20 years of experience as one of the top custom home builders in the Chicago area to achieving the result that would not be just visually stunning, secure, and durable, but will also help our customer reduce their expenses.

Give us a call today at 773 770-8607 and discuss your future energy-efficient Chicago city home with our specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the best home builders near me in Chicago IL?

The Chicagoans are truly spoiled with choice when it comes to home builders. And it doesn't really matter if you're Googling "New home builders near me", "Custom home builders in Chicago", "Luxury home builders" or "Affordable home builders", you will find out that our local market has a multitude of truly professional and experienced home builders.

Here at Fortress Home, we are proud to call ourselves one of them. New home construction, restoration services, masonry in its best Chicago traditions — this and much more we are happy to offer to all who are dreaming of a new perfect home. Just dial 773 770-8607, and let's discuss your dream coming true in the nearest future!

How to choose home builders near me in the Chicago area IL?

No matter if you're going for a custom home or a prefab one, always choose professionalism and experience. Best home builders must have long experience in the masonry market and know their materials and techniques. And it absolutely doesn't matter if you're going for a custom home, a luxury multigenerational residence, or a tiny house — you want it built by the true pros who know what they're doing. Choose home builders in Chicago wisely!

Why is it important choosing local home builders for a residential project in Chicago IL?

Because it gives you an extra level of security and guarantees. We always recommend choosing local home builders. Home builders in Chicago must know the peculiarities of the landscape, the local legal requirements, and the best suppliers and subcontractors. They must be familiar with the weather and the people.

Here at Fortress Home, we have been working on a local building market for over 20 years. We are the authentic American home builders that value quality and traditions. Feel free to contact us and ask any questions about your upcoming home building project!

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