How to Find the Best New Housing Development Near Me in Chicago

The time has come for you and your family to move house. Choosing a new construction home in a quality housing development could be the best choice you make, offering you all the benefits of a brand new home without the stress of building one yourself. With Fortress Home in Chicago, you'll find quality and flexibility in all our new construction.

Why choose new construction homes

The time has come to move on, maybe to accommodate your growing family or to upgrade to a new stage in life. Perhaps you want to move from your city center townhome to a single-family property in a friendly community near a great school. Maybe you're looking for more outdoor space or want to move into a cool new condominium in the heart of the city.

When speaking to real estate professionals they will tell you that the types of houses people choose are usually based on the consumers' personal taste, rather than hard facts.

Many people have a love for older houses with their quirks and oddities but for most people the benefits that come with new homes are undeniable.

Types of homes in new housing developments

If a housebuilder is creating new residential construction near me they will usually have various options for you to choose from, depending on the stage of the development. In general, you can:

Buy move-in-ready homes for sale

Depending on the stage of the housing development there may be some completed homes that are ready to close now. They may even have mortgage and finance options available, allowing you to go from choosing your dream home to moving in very quickly.

You may also have the opportunity of adding optional upgrades to your new house or condo.

Choose a personalized home

Most developers will offer customizable properties in new housing developments which will allow you to gain the benefits of a custom-built home without all the hassle and stress. You can personalize many elements including:

  • Floor plans and layouts
  • Flooring and countertop materials
  • Decor and paint colors
  • Cabinet styles and materials
  • Appliances
  • Smart home technology elements

Your customized single-family home can be as affordable or as luxurious as you want as you can tailor these houses to fit your budget.

Some developers will even offer interior design advice helping you make your new home as unique and stylish as you are.

If you're looking for a condo in a new development you may not have as much say over customizing floor plans but there should still be extensive options for personalizing the interior finishes and decor.

Benefits of new homes

New homes have many benefits over older houses, especially as they are able to take advantage of the latest construction techniques and will be built to the most up-to-date building standards. This means that new construction homes will be better insulated and more energy-efficient than older houses.

With the latest technology in construction materials, they will be built to last and won't have any of the maintenance and upkeep issues of old homes, especially if you choose a respected builder who uses the highest quality materials, like Fortress Home, Chicago.

High-tech homes

In a new construction home, you can also take advantage of the latest smart home technologies so you will be wired up for the future. While it is possible to add this technology to older buildings it requires a lot of major work and can be costly and time-consuming. But adding the wiring at the time of construction is much more efficient and effective.

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How to find great new house development near me

The first thing to do, when buying houses in a new residential development, is to search your local property listings to find developments that might suit you. Developers will be promoting their new projects, and if you get in at the right time you might be able to take advantage of some special offers or upgrade promotions.

Driving around the area in which you want to live is also a great idea - if you see any new homes being built you can easily find out who is building them. You may also have a local house builders association that can give you contact details for any builders located in your region.

Real estate professionals in your area should also be able to tell you about any suitable local communities situated in your area.

How to choose the best new development for you

When you have a shortlist of homes you are interested in possibly purchasing you need to decide on both the housing construction company and the specific property you want to purchase.

How to choose a housing construction company

It's important to find a construction company that is deemed reliable and known for building high-standard homes. Once your search has resulted in a list of suitable developers you should get some personal reviews and testimonials.

Ask your network

Asking friends and neighbors for personal recommendations is a great place to start, as is your community homeowners association. If you know any trusted realtors they can also offer suggestions and advice.

Talk to the developers

You should speak to the developers and ask to view some of their completed projects. Ideally, you want to be able to speak to the current residents and see inside the completed homes.

Look out for red flags in existing housing developments, for example, a large number of residents selling their new homes very quickly or lots of unoccupied units.

When discussing their current developments you should inquire as to what mortgages and financing options are available. Other questions to ask include:

  • How long is the waiting time for a new unit?
  • How much of the site is occupied?
  • What is guaranteed when purchasing a new property from them?

If you're looking for an affordable housing development company you'll need to ensure that any developer you work with has properties in your budget range.

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How to choose the right property for you

When you have a shortlist of new housing developments near me and developers you can choose the actual property and community. Some factors you should consider include:

  • What features are included in the basic package
  • What is the cost of the development - remember cheaper isn't always better
  • The layout of the house including the number of bedrooms and baths
  • The neighboring communities and what services are available nearby
  • Local schools
  • How well developed the community is
  • What each member of your family thinks

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find new home builders?

There are many ways to find home builders and new home development near me and here we highlight the top options:

  • Ask a local real estate agent for recommendations
  • Check in the local paper's property section
  • If there is any new construction in your area that you like, find out who built it
  • You might have a local home builders association who can give suggestions
  • Ask neighbors or local homeowners associations for recommendations

Is 2021 a good time to build a house?

The housing market has picked up considerably in 2021 making competition steep for existing homes, many of which sell for far more than expected. This means that building a new home might be a more affordable option.

There have been delays in the supply chain of certain building materials, due to the unprecedented events of the year, however, the situation is improving, making it a good time to consider new construction homes.

Is it cheaper to build or buy a house?

The question of whether it's more affordable to buy or build is a tricky one and there's no one answer. This depends on many factors.

The exact location

If you are determined to live in a specific well-developed neighborhood, land might be at a premium and difficult to come by, so building yourself could be difficult.

The size and style of the property

Depending on the square footage you're looking for and the style of home the price can vary between new homes and older properties.

The housing market

A lot can change based on the housing market at the specific time you are looking at. If the market for older homes for sale is booming then it might make construction a lot more affordable in comparison.

How much does it cost to build a new home?

According to an article by Forbes.com the average cost of building a new home, in a new housing development near me, excluding the cost of land, is approximately $300,000.

The cost per square foot can range from an affordable $100 all the way up to $500 per square foot, depending on the standard of materials and style of building.

Finding premium new construction in Chicago

Experts in residential construction with over 20 years of experience, Fortress Home will help you find the property of your dreams in Chicago. Contact us to learn all about our current and upcoming residential property developments: +773-770-8607 or [email protected]

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