Questions to Ask Yourself When Building a House: Fortress Home’s Guide

Building your dream home is a big project and it's important you go into it with your eyes open.

To help you make sure you're ready for the home building process the team at Fortress Home in Chicago has put together their list of the most important questions to ask yourself before deciding to build your own house or before building a custom home.

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Questions to ask yourself before building a house

1. What can I afford?

Working out your budget and what you can afford may not be the most exciting step in designing your own home but it's vitally important.

At this stage, you should also look into financing to see how much you can borrow on top of your savings. And remember you will still have to pay for somewhere to live while the building process is underway.

Don't forget to factor in unforeseen expenses when putting together your budget — a contingency fund is essential. Looking for a “General contractor near me”? Call Fortress Home at 773-770-8607 and get your free consultation today.

2. Where will I build my house?

This question is not as straightforward as it may sound unless you already own the perfect plot of land. You should consider:

  • Your ideal location and the cost and availability of land there.
  • The lot size you will need for your dream house.
  • If you're likely to move one day, the resale value of houses in this location.
  • What amenities and facilities are nearby and how is the neighborhood.
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3. What are the essential features of my dream home?

This is a fun question to answer and allows you and your family to get creative. You should break your list down into “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves”, to help fit your budget.

Don't forget to plan for future needs and always remember built-in storage. Ensuring your dream home has adequate storage will make your life a lot tidier and more pleasant.

Also, consider what energy-saving features are important to you. While they may not add much to the overall price they can save you a lot of money in the long run.

4. Do I want a custom house or a standard house?

This question will decide whether you work with a standard home builder or a custom home builder and will focus your search.

We recommend you look at standard house plans from a few well-respected local builders and see if they will fit your needs. Going down this route will save you some money but you may have to make compromises.

If you are certain you want a unique custom-built home then you can start looking for suitable builders.

5. Do I have a deadline to complete construction?

Building a new home takes time and despite the best-laid plans there can often be delays and hold-ups, from inspections and permit delays to bad weather and sick plumbers.

So you need to consider how much time you have to build your house and how you will deal with any stressful situations during the building process.

6. How long do I intend to live in this house?

This question relates to two key points:

  1. If you don't intend to stay in this house forever you need to consider the resale value of a house of this type in your chosen location. Speaking to a local real estate agent can help you with this consideration.
  2. What life changes are you likely to go through while living in this house? Will your elderly parents need to come and live with you? Are you going to have children or start working from home? How will your family change and grow? Remember to account for all these factors when planning your new home.

7. Is outdoor living space important?

For some people, a garden isn't essential but for others, outdoor living is an essential part of their dream home.

If you fall into the latter category don't forget to add your outdoor space to the plans and when getting a price breakdown don't forget to include landscaping and building outdoor features in your budget.

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Questions to ask yourself before building a custom home

Before you choose your custom home builder it's important to think about what will make your custom home special and what features and style your dream home will be.

1. What is my ideal floor plan?

Custom homes come in all shapes and sizes so we suggest working on your ideal floor plans based on how you will live in the house. Include all your family in making these home plans and think about how you'll want to make use of the space.

As you're building a custom home you can add exactly what you want and make the property fit your lifestyle. For example, you could include an indoor gym and workout room or a playroom for the kids next to their bedrooms.

2. What style of house do I want?

The style of house and choice of materials will have an impact on the overall costs of your house and the builders you choose. If your perfect home is in a very specific contemporary style then you'll want to ensure you find a builder experienced in those building techniques.

When choosing the style of house you also want to think about where it will be located and how the house will fit into its surroundings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are good questions to ask when building a house?

When asking “What do I need to know about building my own house?”, two of the most important things to consider are budget and timeframes. You should also think about whether standard or custom homes are for you and if you have the money to afford a custom home.

What should you not miss when building a house?

We always advise our clients to future proof their house by building for their families' future — whether that means building a larger home than currently needed or adding a small annex with a kitchen and bathroom for elderly relatives to the floor plan.

Future-proofing also includes considering energy efficiency and smart home wiring.

What should be kept in mind when building a house?

When undertaking a major construction project like building a house we tell our clients to expect the unexpected. However, at Fortress Home we make sure the process is as stress-free as possible and we work hard to make sure projects come in on time and within budget.

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