Choose the Right Commercial Construction Service for Your Chicago Project

A commercial construction project is always a serious business. No matter if it is a large infrastructural endeavor or a local grocery shop renovation. Commercial construction services are very specific and aren't the same as that of the residential brunch of the industry. Sometimes the difference is in the scale of a project, sometimes — in the complexity of communications and utilities that the building must have, sometimes — in the levels of safety and the specifications of the materials.

The professionals who perform commercial construction services must have relevant experience, education, and licenses. We guess this is our first tip — if you are planning a non-residential space, only hire pros with the relevant level of expertise.

Here at Fortress Home, we have been providing commercial construction services for more than 20 years. Our extensive portfolio includes dozens of successfully completed real estate projects - from apartment buildings to parking lots, from business centers to warehouses.

Our team of specialists knows the Chicago construction scene really well and knows how to gain the highest quality for each milestone of work. We know how to avoid risks and to comply with all the legal local requirements.

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What do commercial construction services include?

Every company that works in this industry is different. Some specialize in new construction, some in the renovation of existing buildings. Some work with the large government pitches and build roads, power stations, and bridges, the others dedicate their efforts to the power and industrial sectors. Local privately owned firms might do urban redevelopment and build schools and hospitals.

And multinational corporations manage all listed above. As you can see, the spectrum of work is limitless, basically — it is everything but the residential buildings. But if to wrap up the commercial general contracting business in a list, it would look something like this:

General contracting in the commercial sector

A general contractor offers a full spectrum of works — from getting all the required permits to performing the finishing works.

Development of the commercial projects of every scale

As we already mentioned, the scale of work that is done for the clients is limitless, from the small local to large infrastructural, industrial, landmark projects.

Site development

Some sites may require specific services to prepare the land to build. They include clearing, leveling, grader maintenance, and often landscaping.

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Provision of the exact budget and schedule

A major part of any project is its costs. A professional company will provide its clients with the most accurate and relevant budget and describe in detail every milestone of the work.

Architectural and interior design

Execution of the commercial projects is not only in building a solid and safe structure but also in creating a unique architectural and interior design. Often it is done with the help of an in-house design team.

Management of a construction project from A to Z

To manage a big project is a very serious process that requires a lot of experience, knowledge, and commitment. Top commercial general contractors will have a reliable dream team of pros.

Sustainable/green building

Environmental consciousness is not just a modern trend — nowadays it is a must in commercial projects execution. Inquire, what solutions the company that you are planning to work with, offers.

Implementation of state-of-the-art technology

No matter if it is the use of solar, wind, water energy, smart buildings, or the usage of modern materials. Top commercial general contractors will always offer you the implementation of the recent technological innovations into your building/-s.

Installation of the utilities and communications

All facilities must have a safe network of utilities and communications that have to be thought through during the planning stage. Ask your contractor what solutions he offers for your commercial space.

Home builders work with both the new residential projects and the restoration of brick, stone or concrete structures.

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How do I choose a commercial contractor?

An experienced contractor is important when it comes to performing the hard job in time — and possibly cutting down on cost. Here are some things to remember while choosing the right company.

Look for the relevant job experience

When you're cruising through your local contractor sites, find projects which are very similar to yours in their portfolio. Going local is important — the professionals will know the market really well. And be sure they've already successfully finished similar projects will give you confidence in risk avoidance.

Record and reputation

Work ethics is highly important. Are previous customers happy with the job performed by this general contractor? Did they get all the services they were looking for? Were their overall expectations satisfied? Are there any complaints online? Do not skip this step — and try to perform as thorough research as possible.

The right cost

After you've chosen a couple of companies that you found online, give them a call and ask for an estimate. While the promise of low project costs might sound tempting, remember that you get the money you payout. Make sure you take an exact look into the offer to know if it's worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in commercial construction?

This business is about building — and then selling or leasing commercial spaces. It can be infrastructural (roads, bridges), industrial (plants, factories), urban (public spaces), residential (skyscrapers, apartment buildings, hotels), entertainment (music halls, sports arenas), educational (schools, universities) projects of any scale. The commercial construction services include the full process of planning, building, overseeing, and managing the commercial real estate construction.

What is an example of commercial construction?

Basically, everything, that is not single or family-type houses. Building of a school or a hospital, redevelopment of the urban area or a big office building — all of this falls under the commercial construction services.

What is commercial construction?

Commercial construction is a spectrum of services that general contractors provide in the commercial real estate sector.

Here at Fortress Home, we have been executing commercial projects in the Chicago, IL area, for more than 20 years. And the testimonials of our clients - are our pride and success.

Contact our team of specialists today at 773-770-8607 and ask any questions about your project.

What are the different types of commercial construction?

5 main types of commercial construction are:

  1. Infrastructural (roads, bridges)
  2. Residential (apartment buildings, hotels)
  3. Institutional building (government facilities)
  4. Commercial building (offices, co-workings)
  5. Industrial and heavy construction (factories, plants).
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