Working with the Best Home Construction Companies in Chicago

House building requires expert knowledge, so finding the right general contractor is vital. When looking for “the best home construction companies near me”, Fortress Home tops the list with over 20 years of experience building high-quality custom homes for the citizens of Chicago. We tick all of the boxes when looking for a quality builder, including a wealth of local experience, and a wide network of trained professionals, craftspeople, and experts who you can rely on.

Steps to find the right residential construction companies

Identify the scope of your project

There are many different types of residential construction so it's important to know exactly what type of house you want to build and what you want to spend on your new home, before searching for local construction companies near me. That way you can ensure you're speaking to the right construction companies nearby.

If you want a high-end, energy-efficient, custom townhome then you probably don't want to work with large house builders who specialize in tract homes and don't mention energy efficiency on their website.

Find suitable nearby construction companies

Once you have the scope of the project prepared it's time to get out there and find the top builders that fit the bill in your area. There are lots of ways to find experienced and respected builders:

  • One of the best ways to find reputable residential home builders is to ask around your neighborhood. Perhaps someone has had a great experience with a residential construction consultant, or perhaps they can advise you who to avoid working with.
  • You can also do a google search to get a “list of construction companies near me” and find relevant reviews.
  • Another place to look is in local real estate agencies as they will know all the local housebuilders.
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Check the home construction companies' track record

It's vital to check the reputation and track record of the residential construction consultants you're working with. Have they built similar projects to the one you're planning? Did they overrun or over-spend?

Questions to ask

  1. Was the project completed on time?
  2. Did they stick to agreed costs?
  3. How easy and pleasant were they to work with?

At Fortress Home we are proud of our reputation in the local community. We take great care to stick to both schedule and budget, so our customers can rely on us.

Is the residential construction contractor licensed?

Always check that building and construction companies you want to work with are fully licensed and insured at least to the value of your project.

This ensures that, if anything does go wrong, all costs will be covered.

You can check with your local government register of licensed tradespeople and general contractors. In Chicago, you can check with the City's Buildings Department.

At Fortress Home we are fully licensed and insured, for your peace of mind.

What additional services do top home construction companies offer?

If you don't yet have blueprints or floor plans for your new home you might want to work with a general contractor who can assist you with planning, permits, licenses, as well as building.

Fortress Home — Chicago's custom home builder

At Fortress Home we are proud of our reputation and expertise.

Family run

We are a family-run business and know and love the city and understand how the planning and permit system works. Building is in our blood and our President started out as a mason before founding his own company in 1999.

Track record

We have been building homes and commercial properties in Chicago for over 20 years. Over the years we have worked with many familiar names across the city.

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Expert team

We employ a wonderful team of experts, which means, for most projects, we don't have to hire subcontractors. Most of our team have remained with us for many years, and are now part of our extended family.

Full service

We are full-service contractors offering you planning, permits, licenses, and building services, as well as providing an efficient and innovative design for your dream project.

Cost and time conscious

As full-service contractors we have a high level of control over budgets and costs, helping us to carefully control your project's costs. This also enables us to manage the time limits of projects more tightly, so we finish projects on schedule.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best house building company?

There is no one best residential construction company. It all depends on:

  • your location
  • your budget
  • the type of house you want

Of course, you want to ensure the residential building contractors you work with are fully licensed and insured and have a solid reputation in your community.

How do I find a contractor to build a house?

A great place to start is to ask neighbors, friends, and colleagues for any recommendations of residential house builders. Personal recommendations are always valuable. You can do an internet search for home building construction companies and then check out their reviews and any testimonials they have.

Local real estate agents and homeowners' associations can also be good places to get suggestions for suitable local companies.

You can also check the local newspaper's properties for sale pages to see who is building similar types of houses in your city.

How much does it cost to build a house?

There are lots of factors that go into the cost of building a new house, including location, type of materials, and type and size of the house.

The National Association of Home Builders reports on costs every few years and in their most recent report, the cost of building a house, excluding the cost of land, is approximately $296,000. The average cost of building a home in Chicago is around 55% higher, at about $450,000.

Costs can vary widely, depending on the type of house you want to build, with figures in Chicago ranging from $200,000 - $740,000, but going as low as $18,000.

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Fortress Home is a company that strives to build homes exclusively of high quality and comfort standards at an affordable price. Thanks to this approach, within the framework of each project, we not only achieve construction goals but also exceed our clients' initial expectations, including the quality of service.

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