How to Profit Choosing the Multi Family Construction Companies in Chicago

As defined by the US Census Bureau, multi family residential housing structures include five or more dwelling units for accommodating different families. And multifamily construction companies are responsible for the execution of these units. Being quite a specific part of the real estate market, it is of great importance nowadays. Townhouses, duplexes, student accommodation, and senior living communities — all fall under this category. This business plays a significant role in modern urban development and redevelopment.

Choosing the right construction partners in building a multifamily unit is very important: the company must have a relevant level of expertise, extensive experience, and trustworthy credentials. It has to have successfully completed multi-family projects in its portfolio.

Fortress Home is a multi family construction company that has been on the Chicago, IL, market for more than 20 years.

Our team of professionals is specializing in the execution of multifamily projects of any scale - from compact garden apartments to modern and convenient student accommodation.

Give us a call at 773-770-8607 and let's discuss your building plans.

Multifamily construction: what business is that?

Multifamily developments belong to a commercial real estate market. General contractors, responsible for the execution of these units have a different set of expertise than residential ones. Today this market blooms all over the world. And there are a few reasons for that:

  • A possibility to perform a cost-effective renovation of the existing buildings, turning them into profitable units
  • Pitches for state urban redevelopments
  • Great profits: the completed project can cost up 10 times more than the initial investments
  • Huge demand for multifamily construction units at all markets
  • Renters' opportunities: one of the highest interest rates on the real estate market among all of its segments

Multi-unit developments provide a quality of life for both suburban and urban settings, high quality or affordable neighborhoods.

7 types of multifamily units

  1. Townhomes (townhouses)
  2. Garden style apartments
  3. Duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes
  4. Wrap buildings
  5. Student accommodation
  6. Senior accommodation
  7. Multistory apartment buildings
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Types of multi-family housing explained


Townhomes are row houses with larger square meters at a lower cost — similar to higher density projects. The houses are becoming popular as homeowners try to downsize, or renters search for more space and a more suburban setting. Townhomes offer the developers unique opportunities existing for selling or renting units of a unit.

Garden style apartments

Garden apartments are very popular in suburban areas where land is less costly but people still want spacious dwellings. They are situated on the 1st or 2nd floor and have a shared garden or a small plot of land.

Most of the garden apartment communities have 8 to 10 residential units that include anywhere between 8 t0 32 apartments.

Units in garden apartments are accessible via a walkway or an elevator. Rent of a parking space can be of a separate cost — as well as developers might include a covered or an underground garage and sell lots in them too.

Duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes

Mostly residential units with apartments situated one above the other. These multi-family units, like no others, allow saving the building space — and develop them in places with high land prices or scarcity of land. If done properly, duplexes perform a perfect opportunity for good income: both in the sales and the rental markets.

Wrap buildings

A wrap category consists of residential apartments, business, office spaces, or any other types of accommodation that surround an above ground parking structure. These buildings have become increasingly popular in suburban areas because they offer both housing and retail space, as well as the nearby onsite parking spaces. Plus — modern amenities such as gyms and co-workings. Many of these buildings are 4 to 5-story structures thus allowing maximum density on site. It is a very functional real estate — and it gives a lot of opportunities for the developers.

Student accommodation

One of the hottest segments of the real estate market all over the world. Student housing is always in demand — and often in shortage. A lot of construction and development companies are looking at this segment of the industry in order to find the best opportunities: to perform new construction or renovations. Besides the apartments themselves, student accommodation includes canteens, libraries, common spaces, lounges, etc.

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Senior accommodation

The construction of senior accommodation is a big international trend. The demand for it rises with every day — and the quality and convenience of the spaces are usually the key. We often see that the units are fully rented out or sold out right after (or even) before the project completion. This is a very profitable branch of the commercial real estate market.

Multistory apartment buildings

Multistory apartment buildings form the landscape of many urban and suburban areas. Customers love quality apartments and buy them both for living or for renting out. A builder that is focused on apartment building construction has to have extensive experience and professional employers that know this business to a ti.

Your multifamily construction company in the Chicago, IL area

Fortress Home has been in the multifamily construction business for more than 20 years. Our team has experience in the successful completion of dozens of projects - from exclusive garden apartments to townhouses, from student accommodation to multistory buildings.

We offer our clients a collaborative approach and can help you identify tax incentives, develop reliable estimates and deliver a quality affordable housing project that improves the community's values.

We are pleased to share our experience with developers and contractors on affordable housing projects in the Chicago, IL area market. Give us a call at 773-770-8607 and we will answer any questions you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a multifamily contractor?

A multifamily contractor is a company that provides a full spectrum of services in the multifamily housing market. It means real estate that accommodates a few families at once, living separately. Fortress Home is one of the largest multifamily contractor companies in the Chicago, IL area, market. We have been fulfilling the need for multifamily housing for more than 20 years and are proud of our completed projects. Contact us at 773-770-8607 for a free estimate today!

What is a multi-family residential building?

A multi-family residential building is one that accommodates a few families living separately. According to the US Census Bureau, it usually includes 5 or more apartments. The most common types of these dwelling units are townhouses, garden apartments, duplexes, and multistory apartment buildings.

Why is multifamily considered commercial?

Multifamily housing is considered commercial because of the size and the energy consumption of the buildings. Usually, these are buildings with 5 or more units that present very good opportunities for investors. They can generate a good income. Single-family houses fall into the residential category.

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Fortress Home is a company that strives to build homes exclusively of high quality and comfort standards at an affordable price. Thanks to this approach, within the framework of each project, we not only achieve construction goals but also exceed our clients' initial expectations, including the quality of service.

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