Biggest Isn’t Always Best - Working With a Large Construction Company

If you're looking for world-leading project development and construction management services you might be tempted to look for the biggest US construction companies but that's not always right for your specific project. Working with regional or local top construction companies is recommended for all but the biggest projects. If you are looking for construction services in Chicago, contact Fortress Home, experts in residential and commercial property projects and part of the BM International Builders construction group, via [email protected] or +773-770-8607.

Common traits of the biggest construction companies in US

Did you know that the US is the second-largest construction market in the world, home to over 700,000 companies, ranging from those with major headquarters and multi-billion dollar revenues down to smaller-scale residential construction firms? And the nation's largest construction management firm has annual revenue of over $25 billion!

The largest construction companies in the US generally hand over most of their actual work to sub-contractors, many of whom report delays and issues with getting paid, by these multi-billion dollar firms.

The biggest general contractors in the US will generally work in the industrial, institutional, large-scale commercial, and civil construction sectors, rather than focusing on commercial and residential general contracting. The biggest construction companies and engineering organizations may also have projects in many other countries, building highways, railways, power plants, and other major projects in various industrial sectors.

More than just a large construction company

When you're planning a new residential or commercial project don't just look for North America's largest construction firm or even the largest Illinois construction companies, rather consider the best specialist general contracting companies based in your area.

Specialist skills

Whatever type of project you're planning you want to ensure that you work with a general contractor that has extensive prior knowledge of the type of construction and ideally the style of building that you are looking for.

Amongst the biggest construction companies in Chicago, you can rely on Fortress Home for their comprehensive understanding of both commercial and residential construction, tailored to the local climate and geology.

Local knowledge

When you're starting a real estate development project or building an office block you want to ensure that all the relevant permits are in place and zoning regulations are being adhered to. If you're working with the largest construction firm based in the US they may not have the specific local knowledge and contacts.

Working with Fortress Home in Chicago, you can be sure that they have all the local information and contacts to obtain all relevant permits and pass all building inspections with flying colors.

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Full-service developers

Many leaders in the construction industry contract everything out to sub-contractors but with our trusted in-house team and 20+ years of expertise, at Fortress Home we are able to offer you a full-service experience:

  • Planning your project
  • Design
  • Securing permits
  • Budgeting
  • Sourcing materials
  • Construction
  • Setting up appliances
  • Finishes

This gives you a worry-free experience and ensures everything is completed on time and to the highest possible standards.


As mentioned, many of the largest construction companies US have issues with paying their sub-contractors, which should also be of concern to their customers. And we've all heard stories of projects from the largest general contractors overrunning and going over budget.

At Fortress Home we respect our clients' time and money, ensuring that we create accurate budgets that we can stick to and making sure we hit all the deadlines when completing your project.

Trusted team

Many big construction companies including the largest construction companies in Chicago rely on sub-contractors for everything from pouring the foundation to plumbing and wiring, and this can lead to delays. When you're working with external sub-contractors you're at the mercy of their schedules and if one element of the build is delayed it can have a ripple down effect on other stages of the project.

Directly employing an amazing team of skilled craftspeople, tradespeople, and laborers, like Fortress Home, means we have ultimate control over the schedules, reducing delays on all our projects. Our dedicated team takes great pride in their work, ensuring that every single element of your project is completed to the highest standard.

Family-owned business

With Fortress Home you get to work with a family-owned construction business, which means you'll be working directly with company owners, ensuring you get the best service possible. You need custom home builders when you are planning to build a unique home, unlike any others.

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Track record and reputation

As one of the most respected construction companies and building developers working in Chicago today, Fortress Home is proud of our track record and reputation with our previous clients. From building multi-family residential projects and industrial buildings to single-family homes we have a vast array of stellar testimonials to share with you.

Quality management

Over the years of lead construction experience, we have developed a robust and thorough quality management system and audit process, both internally and externally, ensuring the final quality of all our projects.

Frequently asked questions

What is the largest construction company?

In the US, the construction company with the highest annual revenue is Bechtel, an international construction services company, which works on major infrastructure projects worldwide, including an airport in the UK and a subway system in Australia.

If you are planning to build a major infrastructure project like a dam or a power plant, working with one of the 10 largest construction companies in the US could be beneficial but if you are planning to build your dream house, or looking for a commercial general contractor you should be looking for local large general contractors, like Fortress Home in Chicago.

Which is the No 1 construction company in the world?

The biggest construction company in the world in 2020, based on revenue, is China State Construction Engineering Corp, with annual revenue of almost $234 billion US. In fact, the top four construction companies in the world are all Chinese, according to Statista.

What is the most popular construction company?

While it's easiest to get a list of the largest American construction companies it's not always easy to find out who the best construction firms are. It very much depends on the type of construction projects they carry out and the type of project you are planning. For example, if you are looking for commercial property development services you want to find out who tops the list in the commercial construction industry in your area.

If you are looking for a residential construction project you may not want to work with the world's biggest construction contractors as they are unlikely to have the local contacts and expertise to manage your project and even North American top construction companies might not have the specialist local knowledge that you need.

Top construction companies in Chicago

If you are looking for the best construction company in Chicago, Illinois, look no further than Fortress Home, a family-owned firm. Experts in both residential and commercial construction, Fortress Home is a large construction company in Chicago, with 20 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers. Contact us at +773-770-8607 or [email protected] today.

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Fortress Home is a company that strives to build homes exclusively of high quality and comfort standards at an affordable price. Thanks to this approach, within the framework of each project, we not only achieve construction goals but also exceed our clients' initial expectations, including the quality of service.

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