Home Builders Chicago: Choose the Best for Your Residential Project

Chicago has one of the longest histories in the US construction industry, and Chicagoland area builders are truly one of the best in the country. No matter what you need — a cozy single-family house, a modern green home, or a large family residence — here you can definitely expect high quality. But choosing from top home builders is not the simplest task of all: how to make a final decision on the best company that will build your dream home?

Home builders everywhere, and the Chicago area is not an exemption, tend to specialize in one particular field: some are more experienced in new home construction, the others — in renovation and restoration of the existing buildings. When choosing, keep this in mind and pick a contractor with the most relevant construction experience.

Fortress Home is one of the oldest and experienced home builders in the Chicago IL area. We have been on the market for more than 20 years. Give us a call today 773-770-8607, let's discuss your project and see what solutions we can offer you!

What do home builders Chicago offer to their customers?

Chicago is famous for its bold and pioneering architectural style. The Windy City is home to diverse home styles including bungalows, graystones, work cottages, custom-built homes, luxury residences.

The best residential custom builders of Illinois honor both — the city's rich cultural heritage and the current context and tendencies. This leads to a unique style that combines history, contemporaneity, and customers' specific needs. The firms boast large portfolios with award-winning energy efficient homes, provide impeccable customer service and high quality of work.

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Clubhouse communities

Home builders of the Chicagoland area offer new homes in active clubhouse communities with easy access to shopping, dining, and multiple entertainment opportunities. Some are situated right on Lake Michigan with its beaches, world-class museums, sporting events, and live music.

This lifestyle — is a choice of young at heart, active citizens that always want to be in the center of the events. Sounds appealing? Choose your already existing community or check out what the top home builders are currently working on.

Energy efficient homes

The best home builders in Chicago offer green building, customized home plans, and Smart Home technologies. You can find these quality homes both right in the center of the city or in the areas surrounding downtown Chicago. If you are looking to live a bit outside of Greater Chicago, check out offers in downtown Naperville.

Custom homes with unique floor plans

A custom home is the most complex and demanding of all. Everything — from the design process to the home building itself — requires a high level of expertise, knowledge, and professionalism. To deliver a quality finished product, custom home builders often have their own team of designers and architects or invite specialists with relevant experience to work on the project.

The Chicago area is proud of its custom homes — while looking for a perfect home builder, ask your candidates for a few addresses of the completed projects. Go and have a look at these custom homes yourself.

Maybe you would even get a chance to talk to the homeowners! Ask them a few questions — were they happy with the home building process? Were all of the deadlines met? Did they have to pay any extra costs? Was their custom home builder overall a nice company?

Luxury homes for respective owners

Spacious plots of land, green building, energy star, state-of-the-art technology, modern amenities, award-winning architects and designers... The list of what makes a home luxurious can be very long. Chicago is a prestigious destination and official prices of single-family homes can be as high as $18,500,000 here.

If you are looking for new home builders for your exclusive project, first of all, learn the credentials of the company, carefully study its portfolio and talk to the firm's representatives in person. The ones that are serious about their business just cannot leave a bad impression. And if they do? Well, there are 547 home builders out there in Chicago.

List of services provided by home builders Chicago

  • Inquiring of all the permits for the upcoming project
  • Compliance with the building codes and standards of Chicago IL
  • Preparation of the site for new construction or redevelopment
  • Hiring contractors or subcontractors, if needed
  • Hiring architects and designers, if needed
  • Full spectrum of architectural and design works: floor plans, building placement on the plot, etc.
  • Overseeing the building process from A to Z
  • Installation of the utilities
  • Installation of the communications
  • Installation of Smart Home and energy saving systems
  • Inquiring an energy star for the house
  • Finishing works

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If you currently own a lot, or need help finding one, Fortress Home is excited to offer comprehensive on-your-lot home building services. We have many ideal floor plans for building on your lot, don't worry - we can modify our standard plans or develop a fully custom plan just for you.
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Steps to hire the best home builders Chicago

  1. Online research. Check out the sites of the companies with relevant experience. The site has to contain clear and transparent information, mention awards and licenses, have numerous testimonials and an extensive portfolio.
  2. Give a call to your potential home builder and ask him a few questions. Get a preliminary estimate. When you have talked to a few candidates, compare the quotes and choose the most suitable one for you.
  3. If you're planning to build a home with a local builder, check their licenses and certificates. All contractors must withhold paperwork, relevant to the state's legal requirements. This, by the way, includes a quality insurance that would cover expenses in case of contract terms' violation or emergencies. Never work with a home builder whose work isn't licensed!
  4. Always study the contract draft — better with a lawyer. The contract must contain all legal information about the project in detail: terms and conditions, budget and the schedule of payments, milestones and risk coverage.

Your personal Chicago home builder

Fortress Home is a full-service home builder that has been in business for more than two decades. Our portfolio is packed with distinguished clientele and signature projects in different Chicago communities.

We love innovative, but at the same time, practical design and we successfully reach our goals with the help of an in-house team of architects and designers. Together with carefully chosen contractors, they work harmoniously at every project — and always form good relationships with clients.

We are a family-run business and we truly consider each of our customers a part of our extensive family. Our main focus is on high quality personalized service — no matter how big or small your project is. Give us a call at 773-770-8607 and become a part of our big family!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many home builders are there in Chicago IL?

Currently, there are 547 home builders that work in 859 neighborhoods of Chicago. New construction homes, remodel and reconstruction, home design — are the main services provided by home builders. Choose wisely and don't rush your final decision if you want your dream home built right.

How much does it cost to build a home in Chicago?

According to the latest official data, Chicago new construction costs vary between $290-$349 / sq. ft. Zillow mentions the average price for a Chicagoland area single family house is $280,000. But, depending on the area and the quality of the construction, prices can vary from $64,900 to $18,500,000. So, you're sure to find your perfect home in a community with desirable amenities, at a suitable price.

How long does it take to build a house?

It depends on what kind of house you are planning to build. The average time of the actual construction of a single family house of 2500 sq. ft is 8 months. Custom homes of large square footage can take from 1 year to finish. On the other hand, to get a modular house from the ground up is only about 4 months. It is highly advisable to include the exact schedule with every milestone of the construction process in the contracts with your home builder.

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What is the main asset of a construction company? Everything is simple. This is not an investment, not funds in the company's account. These are those unique houses, apartments, and buildings that have already been built and put into operation by the company. In different architectural styles, other concepts, and various tasks assigned to the general contractor. That is the asset in Fortress Home, with over 300 homes from more than 20 years of operation that delight their families.

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